Unique art for unique people

Situated in the pounding heart of Benelux, 20 minutes’ drive from Antwerpen, New Place Art Gallery is always open to inspiring projects, creative workshops and high-quality artworks of various international artists. Traditional art with a modern twist is the distinctive message delivered to an observer when entering the gallery.

Since 2011 New Place Art Gallery has been courageously combining various styles and directions. By exhibiting sculpture, graphics, photography and paintings we have managed to create impressive and miraculous installations. Works of art are seen as a united substance; we target to express never-ending movement around us, depth of thoughts, importance of the past, happiness of the present and inspiration of the future. The gallery carefully chooses artists with well-developed philosophical ideas; hidden meanings and hints are often to be found in their creations. Having deliberately placed focus on gellery’s international standing we proudly represent several world-recognised and established artists. Selected works of Belgium-based Edmond Dubrunfaut (1920-2007), famous for hand-woven tapestries and murals; Sir Leo van den Ende, praising the beauty of Dutch landscape by having painted the largest flower panorama of the world; the Russian sculptor Vladimir Soerovtsev, with monuments in more than 25 countries worldwide, can be discovered in our growing permanent collection.

In order to preserve traditions we strive to attract more attention to hand-carving techniques used in sculpturing by means of a curatorial project. The project “Marble Metaphysics” embodies an impressive selection of unique hand-carved sculptures in white marble created by the internationally recognised artist Sergey Khorikov, often named “Russian Rodin”. The sculptor strives to place universal human experience and feelings in the centre of his artistic creation and successfully embodies highest quality in unique works, which are risky and challenging from a technical standpoint, painstrikingly executing the most miniature details.

As a solid addition to solo-exhibitions, participation in international art fairs and expansion of its permanent collection, the gallery has successfully introduced and executed “Hieronymus Bosch: Sensible Art Project”. Having started with a scientific congress, aiming to commemorate the eminent medieval genius in 2015, New Place art gallery has been internationally organising a series of exhibitions, which involved artworks of twenty-five contemporary artists, throughout the jubilee year.

In April 2015 New Place art gallery introduced a noteworthy eight-day programme of master classes covering various art-related topics. International experts specialised in antiquities, contemporary art and auction business shared their knowledge with an extensive group of listeners during the 49th edition of AF’sH in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. High-end specialists in museum business, Dr. Natasja Peeters and Paul Dubrunfaut, represented the Royal Museum of Armed Forces and Military History of Brussels. Rene Hoppenbrouwers and Kate Seymour, renowned experts of SRAL, introduced recent activities of the leading institute specialised in conservation and restoration of paintings, sculptures, modern and contemporary artworks. Furthermore, the top art segment was represented by Henry Blundell, the director of MasterArt, the service provider for a number of international fairs, such as TEFAF, BRAFA, PAN, etc. The financial overview of the art market was given by the director of Deloitte Luxembourg, Adriano Picinati di Torcello.

As a member of the advisory board of AF’sH, specialised in contemporary art, I strongly believe that being open-minded and willing to share professional expertise is of immense importance for the sector in general. We prominently receive zealous feedback for our activities, which keeps us invigorated and willing to excel.

Worth mentioning is dedication of the personal assistant Svenja van Laarhoven, as well as gallery assistant Lin Houtman, with whose well-noticed and valued help, we have managed to keep our doors open for five days a week and offer a breathtaking programme for the last years.