New Place Art Gallery successfully satisfies the utmost demands of sophisticated art lovers for exclusive handmade marble sculpture of highest quality both for indoor and outdoor surroundings. By filling the surroundings with perfect works of art we enrich our life with beauty and sense as it is the real art that reveals the essence of things and ideas. Rare masterpieces of antique and Renaissance marble sculpture executed by skillful masters of days gone by seems as a gasp of the past luxury preserved in the most thoroughly secured collections of world leading museums. Fortunately, exclusive marble sculptures provided by New Place Art Gallery are the best choice for those who seek for the highest quality marble sculpture with a modern twist.

Exclusively curated by New Place Art Gallery the project “Marble Metaphysics” provides a wide choice of unique hand carved marble sculpture created by the internationally recognized sculptor Sergey Khorikov, often named as “Russian Rodin”, who strives to place universal human experience and feelings in the centre of his artistic creation embodying amazing images in marble. Considering marble as an equal partner by using the traditional technique of carving as the old masters did the author successfully embodies highest quality in unique works that are risky and challenging from a technical standpoint, painstrikingly executing the most miniature details.

Be it a classic torso, bust or unique sculpture with deep metaphysical message, it compliments the most sophisticated interior and serves as a unique eye-catcher plunging you into the pleasure of being surrounded by wonderful works of art.